Meet Sarla, The Grandmother Who Has 10,000 Grandchildren!

Her stories are real.

Her ‘grandchildren’ are not only kids, there are some adults too who have subscribed to Kahaniwali Nani.

“They tell me that the stories make them nostalgic and remind them of their childhood,” Sarla says.

Many children also message Sarla about how they liked the stories. “Sometimes I get messages like ‘Nani, we are waiting for the next story. Many parents told me that their children don’t have grandparents, and Kahaniwali Nani has helped with their absence. Others say that their kids are learning new words, and have started liking stories more now,” Sarla says happily.

Sarla often feels sad when she sees so many children today are growing up away from books and stories. “It makes me really sad seeing children of all ages glued to watching these animated cartoons the entire time. How will they learn to imagine?” she rues.

With Kahaniwali Nani, she hopes to do her bit to restore the joy of storytelling for children. “It teaches you to listen. It teaches you patience. It teaches you to close your eyes and imagine an entire forest. That is worth more than money,” she says.


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