Meet Ambili: A Kerala Woman Who Turns Plastic At Her Home Into Mats!

How inspirational!

Women entrepreneurs are of all kinds these days. From selling homemade edibles to creating a bunch of successful youngsters, women are doing everything in their power to make this world a better place to live. From sustainable living to zero-waste food, women are coming up with some of the most innovative ideologies.

One such woman is Ambili Prasannakumar. Hailing from Kerala, Ambili says that she loves the mat-making hobby and that it keeps her “tension-free”. But, that was not the story Ambili began mat-making. The sheer number of plastics in her house never gave her any peace of mind. “It is difficult to go a day without encountering plastic, be it the milk cartons, food packages, food containers, water bottles, feminine hygiene products and the list goes on,” said Ambili.

Ambili had to make sure she reduced the plastic disposal from her house and hence, she make up with an idea to preserve it. “It is really difficult to avoid plastic from our lives. Even if we try to use cloth bags and other alternatives, the reign of plastic doesn’t end there. While thinking about how to clean the plastic covers at home, I got an idea. ‘Why don’t I reuse the plastic without harming the environment’ — I wondered,” stated Ambili in an interview with The Better India.

Ambili reuses plastic covers and converts them into table mats. A big advantage of plastic table mats is that these keep the table safe from the heat of the vessels. What began as a hobby during the lockdown has now become a passion for Ambili. She does not waste a penny on purchasing mats from outside anymore.



“I use my old nighties and other clothes at home for making the mat. If people know how to do embroidery, the table mats will definitely look prettier,” she said.

Several shopkeepers want her to make her mat-making a business but Ambili does not want to make it a business. But, she is teaching several the art of mat-making.

“Everyone can make this easy table mat and carpet at home. There is no need to take orders and make a business out of it. I receive many calls regarding the mat, instead I always help them how to make it. I want others to also reuse the plastic at their home in a useful way like me without harming the environment. That is the only thing I aim to do by making these mats,” concluded Ambili.

41-year-old Ambili is now in the process of making fruit basket covers as well. She is an inspiration to several women today.


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