Martyr Major Dhoundiyal’s Wife Breaks Our Hearts With Her Final Words!

This is absolutely heartbreaking!

The Nation was awakened by the dreadful news of 40 CRPF Jawaans’ murder committed by the heartless terrorists. Ever since stories of every Jawaan’s family members only makes it worse to heal. The latest was Major Vibhuti Shankar Dhoundiyal’s wife Nitika Kaul who lost her husband in the terrible attack.




Nitika had the most emotional goodbye to say to the mortal remains of her late husband and we were made to realise what true love is all about. She talked about how the love for his Nation overpowered his love for her.

In her message, she said, “You lied to me that you loved me. In fact, you loved the nation way more. I’m quite jealous and I can’t help it. We all love you. You sacrificed your life for the people (of the nation)… You are such a brave man. I’m very honoured to have you as my husband. Till my last breath, I’ll always love you, Vibhu. It’s hurting that you are leaving but I know you’ll always be around… I request everyone not to sympathize, rather be very strong. Let’s salute this man.”




Post this comment, Nitika touched her husband’s coffin and kissed him from afar bidding adieu to him one last time. The couple got married last year and was going to celebrate their first year anniversary this month when he returned.

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