Malavika Mohanan believes it is time to ditch the idea of ‘flawless skin.’

No filter!

Malavika Mohanan, an active social media user, frequently uses the platform to communicate and raise awareness on a variety of topics. In her most recent Instagram post, Malavika Mohanan highlighted the impact of recognising that not having ‘flawless skin’ all of the time is alright.

Malavika Mohanan shared a selfie with no makeup or filters and explained how, despite living a healthy lifestyle, a pimple appeared on an important day. “I had a very important shoot yesterday and this pimple decided to pop up as if with a vengeance just 2 days before my shoot I try to eat healthy & workout because our skin is always only a reflection of our inner health, no? But I just wanted to tell you guys that in photographs it may look like actors have the perfect skin/hair/nails/body blah blah blah, but that hardly ever is the case,” Malavika Mohanan said.

The actress also addressed the idea that actresses have perfect skin. She went on to say that the picture-perfect photographs actors upload in which they appear ‘flawless’ is the result of a team working together to make them appear flawless. She then said, In fact when you see the ad that I shot for yesterday you’ll be like “wow such flawless skin!”. We have a whole team helping us put our best version out into the world which might look flawless, but in reality it hardly ever is perfect. Also “perfect” is so subjective and a man made construct na? So don’t get caught up in the idea of “perfect” and treat the occasional pimple/or anything that seems like a flaw like a visiting guest that’ll go away soon or something that’s just a part of what makes you you. Ok enough ranting for the day I hope you all are having a lovely Sunday. #ObvioslyNoFiltetCozThatDefeatsThePurposeOfThisRant.”


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