Maaveeran Movie Review: A Tale Of Commoner Becoming “The Maaveeran”!

Usual Family Entertainer!

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan, Aditi Shankar, Mysskin, Yogi Babu

Director: Madonne Ashwin


Maaveeran, a fantasy action drama has a usual predictable storyline but Sivakarthikeyan made it his own movie and the fantasy element  surprisingly worked well. 

The film starts off with a coward cartoonist Sathya (Sivakarthikeyan) who is from the slum community, who is scared to even face the slightest of problems in his life. He even shuts his quick to protest mother (Saritha)  with “ adjust panni vazhdhukanum”.  As a ghost artist cartoonist, he meets Nila (Aditi Shankar) , sub editor of a newspaper where he is trying to secure a job. Seeing his work, Nila hires him and they soon develop feelings for each other. 

On the other hand, the slum – community people are relocated to the new “Makkal Mazhigai” building, which is given to them by corrupt politician and minister of that particular department, Jeyakodi (Mysskin). Due to the turn of events, Sivakarthikeyan gets the ability to hear a voice (Vijay Sethupathi) which urges him to fight for his people. The voice is portrayed as the voice of Maaveeran, the character Sathya draws cartoons about.

Yogi Babu’s quick witted humor and his chemistry with Sivakarthikeyan works well and made the audience burst with laughter. Bharath Shankar’s music works in the needed part didn’t do nothing more and didn’t do nothing less. 

Myskkin as the antagonist had his moments but he was more of a comical villain. His childhood friend and personal assistant, played by Sunil, shined in his role. Aditi Shankar’s character didn’t have that much of an importance but she did good with the part she was given. 

Even though the storyline follows the usual format of nobody becoming a hero, the director gave an actual value and importance to the story of  the hero in making and it didn’t happen overnight. In that way he handled it perfectly. 

Overall, Sivakarthikeyan knew his strong ground and played there perfectly. 


Rating: 3 / 5

Verdict: It is a perfect weekend watch and a family entertainer. 


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