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Luca Movie Review

What extremes will a woman go for the sake of her love?

Director- Arun Bose

Cast- Tovino Thomas, Ahaana Krishna, Nithin George, Vinitha Koshy, Rajesh Sharma, Pauly Vaslan


If a beautiful romance leaves you all mushy and teary eyed, then Luca is just the perfect prescription. The romance between the lead pair is not wild or madly passionate but unravels like a slow symphony that touches your soul and heart and leaves you yearning for more. Word of caution though- this is not a full blown romantic film but has a mystery whodunit at its heart. So expect a mix of love and thrills that mesh together.

The film begins with an unexpected event that sets the tone for the rest of the story. A diary plays an important part in this film and the sweet and poignant romance of Luca (Tovino Thomas ) and Niharika Banerjee (Ahaana Krishna ) unravels through its yellow pages- courtesy of an investigation by police officer Akbar (Nithin George).  

The film travels in a non-linear pattern with multiple narratives. The romance between the lead pair is all light and colourful set amidst the art world and the alluring setting of the Kochi Biennale while the investigative part is all dark and somber with rains being a constant backdrop.

Luca is an extremely talented scrap artist who is an orphan but carefree, happy and sassy. Though he is ever ready to help his close circle of friends, he has a dark side to him – violent outbursts of anger that he cannot control. An argument with a naïve Niharika regarding his installation brings together Luca and Niharika. The initial confrontation changes to a friendship and Niharika, seeking to escape demons from a troubled and abusive childhood finds a home in Luca’s abode. They exchange life stories, each understanding the other and falling more in love with each other. Niharika becomes Luca’s beacon of hope in rough seas. Just when they decide to set up a life together, a dark cloud envelopes Luca and Niharika is forced to go to unimaginable lengths to protect her love.

The romantic story alternates between an investigation- swinging between the past and the present to also depict the skeletons in the police officer’s closet- a past failed relationship and a present marriage that he wants to opt out of. The diary proves to be a balm to the troubled Akbar’s soul and while he finally unravels the killer, he also makes peace with his past.   

Tovino as Luca makes you fall instantly in love – he is funny, broody, pained, happy, naughty and carefree. He brings Luca to life in his inimitable way and Ahaana stands shoulder to shoulder with him slipping into the shoes of Niharika with consummate ease. Arun has done a decent job in his debut directorial vehicle but certain blanks remain unfilled with the climax not easily palatable. The cinematography by Nimish Ravi stands out for the vibrant frames and music is fair.


Verdict- Die hard romantics can expect a visual feast and the film will not disappoint

Rating – ***

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