Love Is In The Air: Most Adorable Proposal Stories Of South Celebrity Couples!

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Proposals are one of the most crucial components if you’re in love. Nervousness, butterflies in the tummy and excitement is all a part and parcel if one of the partners are planning to propose their loved ones. This could either be a super – hit or go down South. But, looks like it that some of these celebrities hit the right note and the proposal seemed to have worked for them:

1. Samantha and Naga Chaitanya



The power couple of South cinema just hit it off with ‘Majili’ and when has the audience not enjoyed their chemistry? But, the couple has been good friends since ‘Ye Maaya Chesave’ but they fell in love only by 2015. They initially began flirting on Twitter. In December 2016, the couple took a long vacation and it was then that Naga Chaitanya proposed to her amidst the beaches and beautiful scenarios.

2. Jyothika Suriya



 Suriya married Jyothika in the year 2006 and has been her confidante since then. Suriya and Jyothika first met on the sets of ‘Poovellam Kettupaar’ in the year 1999. It was during the shooting of ‘Kaakha Kaakha’, the love blossomed between the two and the announcement of their engagement was made. But, that was not it. It was also when Suriya proposed to Jyothika and asked her to marry him.

3. Ajith Shalini



 Ultimate star Ajith Kumar married Shalini in the year 2000. The actors were introduced to each other when they started shooting for the movie ‘Amarkalam’. It was post that movie that Ajith reportedly expressed his feelings for the actress and the two decided to get married. It is believed that Shalini’s parents weren’t very supportive, but Ajith convinced Shalini’s father tactfully. By the end of the shoot, love sparkled between the two and they decided to instantly get married with the blessings of their families. The couple had two ceremonies as Shalini was a Protestant Christian and Ajith was a Hindu Brahmin. They are proud parents of Anoushka (8) and Advik (2). Although Shalini did not come back to the film industry, Ajith is a superstar in the Kollywood industry.

4. Nazriya Fahadh



Fahadh and Nazriya met each other on the sets of Bangalore Days. Nazriya feel in love with Fahadh as an actor and Fahadh as a person. She then got close to him and finally proposed to him to marry her. Talking about the proposal, Fahadh told the News Minute that she proposed to him in the most unconventional way. They knew they liked each other but she was just being straight-forward and awesome like that. “We were sitting in a room after we shot our scene at the sets of Bangalore Days. She proposed without any second thoughts,” added the actor.

5. Vijay Sangeetha



Ilayathalapathy Vijay married Sangeetha in the year 1999 and are going strong since then. They are the perfect example of a happily married couple in real life. Just like her humble husband, Sangeetha never demands attention and quietly acknowledges Vijay’s success by being by his side. Their love story is completely different from any other. Sangeetha, a Sri Lankan Tamil, was Vijay’s die-hard fan who was in love with him. The star, without a second thought, agreed to marry Sangeetha and is now very happy to have made the decision. Sangeetha accompanies the star during most of his film launches. They are proud parents of Sanjay (16) and Divya (11).

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