Let’s Get Married Review: Journey Of Understanding? More Like Relentless Getaway!

Duck Out!

Cast: Harish Kalyan, Ivana, Nadhiya

Director: Ramesh Thamilmani

LGM, Let’s Get Married is a family drama, where Gautham (Harish Kalyan) and Meera (Ivana) decided to get married but misunderstanding arises when Gautham wants to live with his mother Leela (Nadhiya) but Meera doesn’t. She wants to have an independent life and their own personal space. They break up because Gautham doesn’t want to leave his single mother. Eventually, they reconcile. To understand Leela better, Meera proposes an idea to go on a trip together. What happens during the trip, did they decide to stay together or break up forms the rest of the story.

Would be daughter -in- law goes on a trip to understand her mother- in – law, as a base line it has a promising story. But the director/ writer could have presented the story differently. We never see them talk or actually have a conversation that could establish a bond.  Instead of getting to know each other, they just go on another road trip from a pub to an Ashram and they dance and take photos all the time.

As a travel based film, they mostly shot the sequences in green matte studio and badly made CGI scenes. For no reason the lead actors fight a Tiger in the jungle and the scene isnt even funny. The scenes that were supposed to be funny weren’t, the scenes that were supposed to be relatable weren’t relatable, the scenes that were supposed to be intimate doesn’t have any chemistry.

Coming to the performances of the leads, Harish Kalyan maintained his chocolate boy image. Ivana and Nadhiya were good in their roles. Nadhiya as mother pulled her part, but we wish the character had more to it.

Technical aspects weren’t that great either, green matte studio scenes and CGI scenes could have been better. Director also doubled his role as music director. Cinematography was fine. With the story line director could have made much more better movie.

In short, the anticipation of Dhoni Productions debut movie fell flat.

Rating: 2/5

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