Kolaiyudhir Kaalam: Vignesh Shivan Ends Fight With Nayanthara’s Producer!

The spat comes to an end!

Nayanthara’s Kolaiyudhir Kaalam is all set to release on the 14th of June and it is touted to be a thriller. During the film’s audio launch actor Radha Ravi passed some derogatory on the ‘Airaa’ actress and that created a storm. Film industry condemned the act and the Party he was a part of eliminated him for his misbehavior. Pertaining to that, Vignesh Shivan and the producer of Kolaiyudhir Kalam had a spat over the same.

After the incident, Vignesh lashed out in support of Nayanthara, claiming that Kolaiyuthir Kaalam was still incomplete, and wasn’t shot properly. Mathiazhagan, on his part, accused Vignesh of spreading fake rumors about the film. However, in a statement released by the director yesterday, it read, “Pleased to see a producer having this much care and affinity towards his product. Mr Madhiazhagan’s sincere efforts to give the film a good release shows his conviction for good content.” He further added, “Personally we’ve had some bitter moments which I feel was unfortunate & unnecessary but end of the day it all takes a good conversation to end things on the right note 🙂 We all work in the same industry & it’s always good to have the good Will & positivity floating around always!”

He also had the nicest things to say about the movie, “Solid performances from the lead Nayanthara & all the other cast .. Sincere efforts from the crew helmed by Chakri to bring out a technically sleek & strong movie.”

The couple is currently enjoying an exotic vacation at Greece!

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