Khushbu Sundar’s Response To Kasthuri’s Compliment About her Is What Unity Is All About!


Khusbhbu Sundar has always been very vocal about her opinions and has raised her voice for all the societal issues. She has till date managed to stay very neutral when it comes to social media. She has embraced all forms of cultures, tradition and festivals and has wished her fellow citizens on all occasions despite all the trolls she faces for being objective. In a recent, the actress and politician took to Twitter to wish everyone a very happy Ganesh Chathurthi and also clicked a picture of her Pooja room with a wonderful Ganesha idol. She wrote, “#GanapathyBappaMoriya #EcoFriendlyGanesha #HomeFestivities #PoojaRoom.”

Actress Kasthuri Shankar had a compliment for Khushbu with regards to the same. She retweeted Khushbu and commented, “Proud of my India. A Mumbai born muslim girl becomes an icon in Tamil Nadu. Marries into a Hindu family , stays true to both faiths. Love is the biggest God, tolerance is the biggest caste. God bless you.”

Not that Kasthuri was wrong, but the one thing she could have avoided pointing out was the religion. And Khushbu, subtly and gently pointed that out. She wrote, “Thanks a ton but a small correction.A Mumbai born INDIAN becomes an icon in Tamil Nadu..marries another fellow INDIAN from this State and stays true to secularism, humanity and diversity..this is my caste creed or religion coming between true love..Love is indeed God.”

We just love how Khushbu beautifully handled the situation and ended it with:

Women must always have other women’s back!

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