Khatija Rahman’s Speech Makes Father AR Rahman Emotional!

An emotional moment for ARR!

It was the 10th year celebration of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a movie that won eight Oscars among which two belonged to a man Tamil Nadu dearly loves – the one and only AR Rahman who made ‘Ella Pughazhum Iraivanukkey’ a style-statement.

A celebratory event took place at the Dharavi region and actor Anil Kapoor and Gulzar attended the event. Gulzar shared one of the Oscars with ARR for ‘Jai Ho’. During the event, Rahman’s daughter Khatija said a few words about her father that made him all teary and emotional.

n her speech, she said, “Though the world knows you for your music and the award that you won, I have immense love and respect for you because of the values they taught us (three of his children). Your humility matters the most for me. Not an atom of your character has changed ever since you won the Oscar, nothing has changed in you in the last 10 years except the time you spend with us has reduced. I think you are making it up now by taking us on short trips!”

“I am deeply inspired by your generosity. There are a lot of things (social work) that you do and people, even I do not get to know about it. This is something that I value the most about my father.”

She concluded with requesting for a word of advice from her father and an emotional Rahman had to pause for a bit to compose himself and then when ahead to say, “I do not give advice to people really. When all three of you were growing up, I made sure that I teach you everything that my mother taught me when I was growing up.”


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