KERALA: Here’sHow The Love Story Of The 60s Couple Getting Married At An Old-Age Home Happen!

What a wonderful looking couple!

Love knows no age, boundaries, caste, creed, religion is not just a mere myth. Two fine examples of the fact that love exists can be seen through Kerala’s latest power couple. 67-year-old Kochaniyan and 66-year-old Lakshmi Ammal. Although they have only recently decided to tie the knot, Lakshmi Ammal and Kochaniyan had known each other for 30 years, even before they both joined the old age home. He had been her husband’s assistant in their catering business in Thrissur.

Speaking to The News Minute, Lakshmi Ammal reminisced about their time together. “My husband passed away 21 years ago. But he asked Kochaniyan to take care of me after he passed. He was with me then. After he passed away, I lived alone in my house for some years. Kochaniyan used to come home if I required some help. Later, I sold my house and shifted to a relative’s house, where I lived for many years. Kochaniyan used to check on me often.”

She then said she lost contact with Kochaniyan for a number of years, but their story had a beautiful twist. “Two years ago, I came here, to this old age home,” and two months ago, she met Kochaniyan who came to the same home, and this is where they realised their love for each other.  “I was surprised to see him. I was feeling lonely all these years. When I met him here, I was overjoyed. He never left me alone. He loves me,” she said.

“That’s why we decided to lead the rest of our lives as husband and wife,” says Lakshmi Ammal.

In those years apart, Kochaniyan decided to go stay with his children. He then left to an old age home in Wayanad, and then in a fortunate turn of events, he was transferred to the home in Thrissur, where he too realised his love for Lakshmi Ammal, reports The News Minute.
Once the home’s superintendent was told about their story, he went to John Daniel, a standing member of the Thrissur Corporation Welfare, who took it upon himself to ensure the couple has a wedding to remember.



“A month ago, the old age home superintendent Jayakumar told me their story. They wanted to get married. So, we decided to find a way to get them married at the old age home itself,” Told John. Although there are no restrictions regarding elder people getting married, there was a question mark on their living situation, as both Lakshmi Ammal and Kochaniyan wanted to stay in the old age home, and were not sure if they needed any extra clearances from government organisations.

However, through some research done by both Jayakumar and John, it was found out that the Secretariat had earlier had a meeting where they came to the decision that a marriage between any old age home residents can be conducted. “Somehow, we found the minutes of the meeting and decided to get them married. They were very happy,” John added.  Lakshmi Ammal has been very grateful for these magical moments and is looking forward to their married life ahead of them. “It is all because of god’s blessing. We are not sure how long we can stay together as we are old. But we will be happy and I feel somebody is there next to me always,” she says.

Clad a beautiful red silk Saree and wearing a smile that shined like a million diamonds, Lakshmi Ammal looked stunning as she married Kochaniyan on December 30th. Talking to TNM, The superintendent of the old age home, Jayakumar said, “We had arranged a mandapam and at 11 am sharp, they were married,” he said. The function ended with a grand sadhya (feast).



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