Kausalya, a caste-hate crime survivor, marries Parai artiste Sakthi

Congratulations to the couple!!

Back in March 2016, Kausalya’s husband, a 22-year-old Dalit man named Sankar, was brutally hacked to death in broad daylight by three assailants on bikes right on the main road at Tirupur. The fatal wounds caused him his death in a few hours, while Kausalya was attacked with sickles, fracturing her head. All in the name of honour killing, Kausalya’s own parents who were against her marriage to Sankar had arranged for a contract killing to get rid of her husband of eight months. The killers, her family members involved in the crime, including her brother and father were sentence heavily.

Kausalya has since found love again and vows to continue fighting for the cause. On Sunday, she got married to 27-year-old Parai artiste Sakthi at the Coimbatore office of the Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhakam (TPDK). Their wedding included their powerful vow:

“We, Gowsalya and Sakthi, agree in front of you all, that we are life partners. We will fight together for the creation of a special act against caste killing and to make Parai, the art of the world. Lovers can come to our house in any circumstance. We promise that the doors to our house will always be open for lovers. We also promise to live by the words of Thiruvalluvar, who said that if being benevolent will cause loss to oneself, then that loss is worth it.”

The couple vowed to support each other in their professional and political journeys and fight for annihilating caste and the liberation of women. At the end, they performed a Parai recital that mesmerised the witness present.

Over the years, she not only overcame the trauma but has reached far beyond it, using her experience to strike a meaningful onslaught on caste-based prejudice in India. She fought for justice on her husband’s behalf, bringing her entire family before the law for their involvement in his death. Today, her attitude is fearless, her understanding of this cause has deepened and her outreach has grown to include discourses at more than 50 stages against honour killing and casteism. Kausalya has now branched her fight far, with a tutoring centre for Dalit boys and a trust for social justice.

Activisim is taken by many but effectively achieved by few. Among such rare voices is that of Kausalya, a true awakening force for the country.

Kausalya was awarded the Excellence in Social Service at the VBJ JFW Awards this year for her indomitable spirit and her relentless efforts to rid the country of regressive discrimination among its people.

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