Kamal Haasan all Set To Release His Own Fashion Line? We Talk To His Stylist!

Here is what is brewing!

Kamal Haasan has been making quite a statement with his wardrobe choices. Let it be for his campaigns or his weekly appearances for the show Bigg Boss, his style and wardrobe never goes unnoticed. Looking at his recent fashion choices only makes one believe that he is ready to create a more global conversation.If one has got the eyes for it Ulaganayagan’s current love for Indian handloom especially Khadi cannot be overlooked. “We have lately been experimenting a lot on Khadi. We have done four looks in Khadi till now in BB4. A magnificent Ombré suit in which two beautiful shades of greys blend, a fun indo-western piece, a simple sporty suit, and the very recent double-breasted suit” says Amritha Ram, Kamal Haasan’s personal stylist.

In last week’s episode, Kamal Haasan was seen wearing a smart ivory-colored khadi suit that started a conversation. When the housemates appreciated his look he explained what he was wearing and in the process made quite an exciting revelation.

“Yes, I’m wearing a handloom khadi suit. I recently got to meet a few weavers, and after that, my approach to dressing has changed. I think my father’s habit (of only wearing khadi) will come to me too.” He said in the show.

“Choice is life, what you wear is your choice and Khadi should also be in your options. I visited weaver’s homes. These artists are continuing their art though it is not giving them a livelihood. They won’t be able to continue for long.” He further explained

“When I spoke to them I couldn’t help but tear up hearing their plight. I have decided to start a fashion line. The next generation should step in to help. It is such beautiful art that should not fade away” he stated.

“There is nothing Kamal sir cannot pull off. He is someone who understands style in and out. No matter what he wears, he coherently adds his personality and attitude to it; that just gives the entire look a unique appeal. He would give me pointers to help me style him better. I would mention ideas and post-discussion, it would invariably take up a beautiful form,” says Amritha.

The Khadi outfits celebrity stylist Amritha puts together are a refreshing take to what Khadi is usually synonymous with; dull, boring, or just too Indian. She keeps away from going too traditional and throws the fabric into a completely new light that is elegant, majestic yet somehow trendy and swag!

“Khadi has so much texture. The fabric itself is like a canvas that can be dressed up or dressed down. It is handmade too! What more beauty you can have!” says Amritha about her long love for Indian handlooms.

The Social Cause:

Kamal Haasan recently visited the weavers of Kancheepuram. He looked at their difficult plight. The efforts they put in and how less they get paid. The craft is dying and Kamal Haasan believes it is up to the youngsters to save it, to retrieve it. All we can do now is wonder and wait  for further announcement from him.

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