Kajal Aggarwal’s Romantic Getaway!


Kajal Aggarwal shared pictures from her trip to Istanbul on her Instagram profile. Along with a picture titled #views where she can be seen posing on a yacht sailing through the Bosphorus Straits, she also shared some dreamy pictures with her husband Gautam Kitchlu. We also got a glimpse of her little boy through her stories. 

 Kajal is a talented actress, she has worked on a lot of different projects over the years and carved a place for herself in the South Indian film industry. Kajal released a teaser of her upcoming movie Satyabhama. She will be seen in a new role in this movie that offers to pack a punch. 


Next in line is one of the most anticipated films in the Tamil industry, Indian 2 starring Kamal Haasan. She started work on this project 4 months after giving birth to her son. She also shared a heartfelt note about her feelings going back to work post-partum which read, “Eager and excited, I jumped back into work 4 months post-partum! Little did I realise that it would feel like starting from scratch. My body wasn’t the same as how it used to be. Pre-baby, I could endure very long workdays with taxing amounts of physical activity AND then hit the gym. Post-baby, it’s been hard to get back my energy levels. Mounting a horse, let alone riding it seemed like a huge task! My body protested with the martial arts training that came so easily to me earlier. Our bodies can change/ may change/ will change but our indomitable spirit and burning passion, need not. We’ve got to just keep showing up for ourselves and consistently making each day count. It’s all about what we choose to prioritise to focus on and not feel guilty about our choices.#Indian2 I’m so glad I’ve jumped back into the drill with you. Stoked to learn new skills on the job and pursue them as hobbies after. So fortunate to be a part of this industry I call home! Grateful for the opportunities to constantly learn and become an upgraded version of myself .”


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