Kajal Aggarwal’s Message To Her Sister Will Make You Weep!

Sisters before misters!

When it comes to sisters, they are always very close. Kajal Aggarwal has always shown how close she is to her younger sister, Nisha. And with a recent post out on Humans of Bombay, Kajal proves that there’s no one she loves more than her sister in this world. The message she had for her was so heartwarming, that many shared that it reminded them of the bond they have with their sister.

Here’s the full message:

“I’m close to everyone in my family, but I’ve always been ferociously protective of my younger sister. Growing up, we were really close since we barely had an age gap. We had common friends, shared clothes & fought over them!

We had petty fights–the AC remote would take the brunt of it because we’d have different temperature preferences. It was the same with our perspectives as well–I was the emotional & sentimental one while she was practical & logical. She’s been the yin to my yang.

There were so many times where I’ve been her bodyguard & she’s been my partner in crime. If a boy would tease her, I’d stand up for her, if I had to sneak out to meet friends after curfew, she’d cover for me.
I can’t think of a single time, even if we weren’t talking post a mini war, where I couldn’t go to her. She’s one person who I trust with my life.

Even when I started my career in films, she was my sound board–I’d bounce ideas, aspirations, insecurities, heartbreaks & she’d patiently listen, giving me earnest feedback. Sometimes she’d just listen. Because all I needed was a ‘I know, it sucks.’ She’d just get it.

When she met her husband, Karan–I gave him the older sister warning, telling him that if he brought her home after curfew or ever upset her, he’d have to answer to me. But he quickly warmed his way in our hearts & family, stealing my best friend & soulmate away….but, I couldn’t be happier!

When my sister was about to get married, I remember we were all at our place for one last night, I locked the door & told my sister ‘It’s your last night as an Aggarwal! Let’s live it to the fullest!’ And that night we shared our oldest memories.. bawled like babies, but also assured each other that no matter what, our relationship will never change.

It hasn’t…she’s happily married now with a baby & we’re still partners in crime. We laugh over absolutely inane nothings, enjoy our chai sessions, talk about books & movies. We’re poles apart, but the things that matter– our values, our love for family & each other remain the same. It didn’t matter when I was 17 & I’m sure it wouldn’t when I’m 70, I know who my 3 a.m call was & always will be!”

The post was shared on Instagram and people loved it! Much like her elder sister, Nisha tried her hand at acting and starred in a few Malayalam, Telugu and one Tamil film. She did not manage to be as successful as her sister but has pursued other passions. She is married to Karan Valecha and recently gave birth to a son.

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