Jyothika’s Speech At #JFWMovieAwards2020 Receives A Positive Feedback On Social Media; Suriya Backs Her Up In A Press Statement!

Suriya also releases a press note suppporting Jyothika’s views!

Very few public figures take up the effort to voice out their opinion  despite knowing the consequences they would face from their audience. One of these fearless figures is actress Jyothika. Ever since her comeback with 36 Vayadhinile, Jyothika is seen actively addressing societal issues and Rights during her  promotional events. She uses the opportunity to open up about issues no one else dares to talk about. In the recent JFW Movie Awards 2020, Jyothika addressed an important issue.

At the event, Jyothika took the opportunity to address a very crucial issue. She said, “I was recently shooting for my film at Tanjore and the people there suggested that I visit the popular temple there. I have already visited the temple before and it is truly marvellous. The very next day, I had to shoot at a Government Hospital and the things I saw there, I cannot even express in words,” stated Jyothika further adding, “I urge everyone to contribute to the improvement of public hospitals and schools and help in its maintenance just like how we contribute to the maintenance of temples.”

This video of Jyothika became viral and several extremist religious groups targeted her for talking “ill about the temple”. They completely misconstrued her speech and twisted her words and started misquoting her. But very soon as more people got to see the video and understood the content, support for Jyothika’s views grew in leaps and bounds on various social media platforms.

Amidst so many voiceless women, Jyothika stood up for those in need and ultimately, she did her fans proud when the district Collector of Tanjore visited the Government hospital for a strict supervision.

Being the supportive husband that he is, Suriya released a press note supporting his wife’s views. “Even when a tree wants to stand still,the wind doesn’t allow it. This explains the current scenario.
Something which Jyothika spoke during an award function has become viral now. Jyothika made a statement that even schools and hospitals should be considered as holy as temples. This has been looked down by some people.the same has been put forth by Vivekananda and other leaders that when you help a person in need,it’s like offering money to god. It’s unlikely that People who have not paid attention to good old sayings will know these. All religions believe that Schools and hospitals are also the places where God resides. I’m happy that I’ve received support from people even during this corona time. We’ve had Great leaders say the same and we stand by Jyothika’s statement. “Humanity is far past all religions” is what we teach our kids too.But when few people spread this news in a bad way, I’m glad that I had my well wishers,friends and fans who stood by us. Social media has handled the situation really well. These people strengthened my belief that “good thoughts reap good deeds”. Thanking everybody who stood by us from the bottom of my heart,” stated Suriya.

Women like Jyothika use their position and status appropriately to talk about issues. Her issue has reached wide enough for the Government to take notice and even take action. Well done, Jo, on standing your ground!

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