Jyothika Tired Of Being Typecast In Films, Wishes To Do Grey Characters!

Kudos to her!

During an interview with a popular channel, Jyothika was part of a roundtable discussion with other powerhouse actors where they discussed the films that they were a part of. These interviews give us an insight into the actor’s mind and what goes behind it. Jyothika was seen in Kaathal-The Core opposite Mammooty this year. It’s movies and stories like these that touch the hearts of many.

“Even though I have done a lot of housewive roles down south, I felt that this was something I have never done before. The relationship with each family member was so beautifully shown. Every equation in the film, every moment in the film was very new, very fresh, Even when it comes to homosexuality, it’s the first film to not show anything sexuality. So, it’s the writing, the writing was the hero of the film.

I have worked with almost all the superstars in the South, I think he’s a real hero. The first day, I went to him and asked him why he chose to do this film. He said, What is a hero? A hero is not somebody who is hitting people, doing action and romance. A hero is someone who is ready to do different roles, and who is getting into the act of different characters.

There is a lot you have to say not to, and I think when women are concerned, it’s a different battle altogether, especially down south. As you become 35-40, there are fewer options. If you are doing well, then you et typecasted. If I speak about myself, I played a lot of ‘good roles, I played a crusader and a housewife, and I did everything ‘good’. There was no room for grey. So I opted to do a Malayalam film instead.

She also goes on to say that she has consciously made a decision in the last 10 years to do cinema that makes sense to her. He wants to make movies that women will relate to. Movies that women can watch with their heads held high. She doesn’t wish to be put in a box, she wants to explore and make movies that make her proud.


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