#JusticeForTwinkle: Celebrities Condemn The Beastly Murder Of 2-Year-Old Baby Girl!

Only a person not fit to live does something so ghastly!

In a shocking turn of events, a 2-year-old girl named Twinkle Sharma was brutally murdered by a monster, a resident of Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh. Twinkle’s father Banwari Lal Sharma owes the monster Zain a sum of Rs.10,000. Right before the night Twinkle disappeared, the two got into a heated argument and as a conclusion, Zain warned Mr.Sharma that he would have to face dire consequences.

Zain along with his friend Aslam choked the little baby with a dupatta and hid her body in a straw bag in his house. After the body began emitting a foul odor, the man dumped the body in a nearby dumpyard three days after the girl went missing. The Aligarh Police got hold of the dumped, decomposed body with the eyes gouged out and acid thrown all over the baby’s body.

Zain and his friend were arrested by the Aligarh Police and accepted to committing the heinous crime. While confessing he added that he had lured the child by offering her biscuits. Soon the news of the child’s death spread like wildfire and large protests began to take its shape in front of the Tappal Police station.

There were hunger strikes, markets were closed and protests began to get stronger until there was some action taken. Many on social media demanded for immediate justice. Celebrities from all around the country joined the social media protest too:


(There was earlier a misconception that the child was raped but that has been proved false information by the Aligarh Police).

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