JUST IN: Andrea Jeremiah Reveals That She Was Physically Harassed

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Andrea Jeremiah is an actress-singer who started her film career in the Tamil film industry. She debuted as a lead in Gautam Vasudev Menon’s Pachaikili Muthucharam, after playing an uncredited role in Kanda Naal Mudhal in 2005. Ever since 2007, she has been consistently giving us films as well as songs year after year. She started her music career also in 2005 when she first sang ‘Kannum Kannum Nokia’ in Shankar’s Anniyan. She has a number of brilliant songs that have become feathers to her cap over the years. At the moment, the actress is busy promoting Anel Meley Pani Thuli, which is slated to be released on November 18th.

Meanwhile, in a promotional interview with a YouTube channel, Andrea revealed that she was sexually and physically harassed as a child. “I have travelled by bus only two times so far. We went to Velanganni in Nagapattinam during my childhood. I was 11 years old at the time. My father was sitting alongside me. Suddenly, I felt a hand behind my back. I thought it was my father. All of a sudden, that hand was going inside my T-shirt and saw my father. His two hands were in front. I didn’t say anything to my father or mother. I just adjusted myself and sat a little bit forward” She further said.

“I don’t know why I didn’t reveal it to my parents. I know it’s something wrong. My father would have done something about it if I told him about it but I didn’t. Because we are brought up by our society in that way. Society wants you not to make a big deal about it” the actress added. She further shared that she faced a similar situation later on in her life when she was travelling by bus to college. She added, “I had the opportunity not to ride the bus, but many women don’t. Whatever happens, they have to travel again on the same bus. Many girls cry in the classroom when they are in college.” Andrea said that the film Anel Meley Pani Thuli has talked about these kinds of violations.

On the work front, the Pisasu 2 actress is awaiting the release of the film. She has also completed filming for Kaa, Maligai and No Entry, all of which are in post-production. She is currently filming for movies directed by Bobby Anthony and Dinesh Selvaraj, both untitled. Last year, she sang the Tamil version of Oo Solriya from Pushpa and received many awards and recognition for the same.

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