Japan Movie Review: Why Is This Film Made, What Is The Purpose?

Japan – Made in India more like Made in China

Cast: Karthi, Anu Emmanuel, Sunil, K.S. Ravi Kumar

Director: Raju Murugan

Japan is a heist thriller film. This is Karthi’s 25th film and he is known for choosing good scripts and his movies are not always commercial movies and have good story/ character scope in them. But why did he choose this script for his big 25? This movie doesn’t tick any boxes of a watchable movie, let alone a good movie.

The movie starts with a gold heist in a popular jewelry shop in Coimbatore. With the evidence collected, it is revealed that the heist was done by a notorious thief Japan (Karthi). Parallelly, there is another story of a couple from slums who clean ditches of jewelry manufacturing places in hopes of finding any gold. The husband is arrested because he cleaned the ditch of the same jewelry shop that got stolen on the same night. But Japan has leverage over the police, and two sets of police teams are searching for Japan. Who gets him first and what happens when they find out the heist is not done by Japan forms the rest of the movie.

From the start of the movie, it created a bad impression. There is a film in a film and Anu Emmanuel as Sanju was an actress in that film, who was introduced by Japan and he loves her. He is also tested positive for AIDS and wants to have sex with her, knowing that it will spread and she accepts that too. Thank god, but it didn’t happen. The movie adds on from the worst thing to the worst thing one by one from the start.

Director Raju Murugan has directed really good movies like Cuckoo and Joker, but Japan is not a concept he usually writes. The story and screenplay is not written well and he has directed what he has written. Coming to the acting part, they tried a different sarcastic mannerism for Karthi, but it was irritating from the start and Sunil and Vijay Milton did a decent  job as cops. But the actor who did the role of Radha ( Husband from the slum) did a good job and their storyline was the only good thing in the movie. Karthi’s one liner worked here and there and GV Prakash’s music wasn’t memorable either.

In conclusion, it is a long Diwali weekend. So, if you have time on your hands  and a few hours to spare, please do not watch this movie. Save that money and spend the day with your family!

Rating – 1.5/5 

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