It Was Good That They Split: Shruti Haasan Opens Up About Kamal And Sarika’s Divorce!

Shruti talks about the split of her parents!

It was not long ago when Akshara Haasan talked about how she took her parents’ divorce and how she came out of it. In an interview with Behindwoods, the Kadaaram Kondaan actress talked about how it took a toll on her and what her sister and she have been up to cope up with it.

She further added, “Like any child, it was a heartbreaking moment because to me, as a child, my world ended like any child would feel when their parents split path. But, Shruti and I were very confident ever since our childhood. Yeah, it did not work out between my mom and dad, it’s okay. But, that did not turn our world upside down. Yes, we were affected by their separation but not to a great extent. At times I would feel the void but it made me who I am today – tougher, stronger and can deal with the world better. I mean, I’ve experienced life through these phases.”

Talking about the same, Shruti had rather a very different opinion about the same. In an interview with Pinkvilla, Shruti said, “A lot of people who had gone through the same thing I did would say that splitting up (referring to her mother and father’s divorce) is news to other people. It’s not news to people in the house. I was happy that they did what they did because they’re both wonderful individuals who deserved happiness in their own parameters. They were people before they were my parents and this is something that I always said. I understood this very early on.”

She further added, “In fact, it’s sad when any two people split apart. Now, as an adult who’s had her own share of relationships, I can tell you hands down that if it’s not working, don’t try and glue the fragments together because when the storm hits, it’s going to fall apart. So, it’s better to separate. It would seem like a separation to the outside world, but we’ve kind of already prepped for it.”

What a beautiful thought process!

Kamal Haasan married Sarika in 1988 and the duo filed for divorce in 2002.

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