Is Trisha The Highest-Paid Actress In South Indian Cinema?

She tops the list!

Trisha was one of the highest-paid actresses in South cinema but according to a survey conducted by Fincash, she currently reigns on top. She is rumoured to charge 10 crores for a film now. This isn’t surprising after the success of the Ponniyin Selvan films. The love and recognition she received for playing Kundavai were immense.

Trisha has been in the film story since she was 16 years old. Her impeccable screen presence and sincerity have won many hearts. Though she played a princess in the Ponniyin Selvan films, she is certainly the queen of hearts for many. Over the years she has dabbled in various other languages as well, but always found a special place in the Tamil film industry.

Her characters are memorable, she has played an array of roles that are versatile. Whether it is her undying sprint or her charming personality, she is a favourite across generations.

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