Iru Mugan Review: Just How Dumb Do You Think Your Audience Is?

This Vikram starrer takes the audience for granted!

Starring: Vikram, Nayanthara, Nitya Menen
Genre: Sci-Fi / Action / Thriller

Like the saying “Laugh and grow fat”, we have an ‘Inhale and grow freakishly-strong’ medicine here. It’s a concocted idea/substance that causes an extreme adrenaline-rush thus making the user outlandishly energetic, strong and talented in duel. This medicine has to be prevented from reaching terrorists and troublemakers at all costs. Enter Vikram starring as the agent employed for this Herculean task, who also seeks revenge for his wife’s death.

By now, we do expect a lot from the actor who is Vikram. We have seen him struggle, perform, invent, reinvent and stun the audience with excellent portrayals. This actor is a brand on his own and his quality of presentation tends to have us brimming with high expectations. However, it would be best to drop this notion before you sit down to watch IRU MUGAN.

Vikram has a problem. He has done too much already and now, he's under pressure to be more, do more. We call it the ‘Kamal syndrome’. Kamal Haasan was outstanding in Vettaiyadu Vilayaadu because that was an easy-peasy role for him. He could do more for the role than the other way around. Vikram's like that now in Iru Mugan. Fortunately, he plays another character also in this film, in which he's an absolute delight to behold! He has that personality perfected and the character's widely-perceived mannerisms down pat. From well-shaped, colored brows to shapely lips (not hips), brandishing his nail-polished, ringed fingers in people’s faces and a diabolic intention, Vikram steals the show from under the nose of a rather poorly-executed film. Indeed, his hair-style and attitude will be etched in your memory as you leave the theater with mixed feelings.

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