In Joins The Fourth: The Infamous “Blue Sattai” And His Baseless Rant About How Women Must Be!

Not right, blue sattai. Not cool.

In yet another “baseless” rant, Blue Sattai, who craves for publicity by using negativity as a weapon, the so-called movie reviewer reviewed Nerkonda Paarvai. In his own language, ivanuku lam yevan da YouTube la channel approval kuduthanga? In this day and age, there are various YouTube channels with some great content, entertaining tidbits and educative talks and here’s him. Gossip, cheap-talk and degradation wins more views than content-worthy videos that are entertaining and positive. Constructive criticism differs from ruthless blabbering. Tamil Talkies and Valai Pechu go hand-in-hand when it comes to negative publicity.

Nerkonda Paarvai is a very critical film with a message of utmost importance to the society. The meaning of consent was explained to a sensitive crowd in layman terms by an actor who has done only commercial films in the past. Apart from the fact that it gave Ajith a completely different outlook, his audience has evolved too. For once, the audience had the maturity to understand the importance of the film too. There were no claps when the women were bashed for drinking and smoking. For once, we saw a crowd as sensitive as this, evolve and we saw this actor explaining why it is imperative that they do.

But, here are these reviewers, who do not even understand CONSENT, who do not understand the dire necessity of it in today’s society, who do not understand that films like these create an impact in the society. But, they’ve just got to sit back in 1900 and rant keeping one reason in mind – misogyny and masking it with the term Tamil Culture.

This is not the first time the phrase “Tamil culture” is dragged into debate. Not our “culture”… what does that even mean, these norms instilled in us by age-old times. Are we to push away judgement, sacrifice our needs, only to fall in line to what the society believes as “Tamil Culture”?. Why should “Tamil Culture” be synonymous to being conservative, and narrow-minded? How long till that changes? This kind of hardwired mindset is harmful to both men and women and the young boys and girls who’ll grow up to define how the world works in few years from now. It is the children of men like these who go to school assuming power because they are boys or being submissive because they are girls.

A reviewer, with multiple views must at some point in time understand the responsibility that comes with it. A societal message like this will change the mindset of many. Be responsible, try to understand a film as a film and never mix it with your beliefs (not that anyone cares about your beliefs, but still). Until you realise the mess you’ve created, here’s what people think about your review:


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