“I Would Never Watch My Songs Or Movies” Nayanthara Opens up About The Time She Took A Break From Films!

Nayanthara also opens up about the time she took a break from films!

Nayanthara is fondly known as the Lady Superstar by her fans and she is one of those leading ladies who carefully chooses her roles. Nayanthara is quite successful today and has also represented the South in Bollywood couple of times. Be it her choice of films or be it her private life including her love life, Nayanthara has never been open about it.

In the year 2011, Nayanthara took an 11-month break and that left her fans shocked. However, when she returned she had revamped her image and her choices completely and she has been unbeatable ever since.

During one of her recent interviews with the media Nayanthara opened up about her past choices and how she took a break from films to rethink her choices. “I was in a personal space….I didn’t watch channels where my movies and songs were being played,” says Nayanthara.

She further added, “I don’t want the world to know what I am thinking. I am a very private person. I’m not very good with crowds. I’ve been misquoted and misinterpreted a lot of times. It was too much for me to handle. My job is to act. The films should speak for themselves,” she added.

Nayanthara is now in a space where she decides what’s good for her and the team that has roped her in does it accordingly. Today she is fondly known as the Lady Superstar of South cinema not without a reason.

In one of her interviews with Vogue, Nayanthara opened up about how she is on top of her game and more.

“I’m not someone who lets success go to my head. In fact, I am always scared. I live with the fear of not delivering a good product. Why should men have all the power all the time? The problem is that women don’t feel confident to be in a commanding role, to be able to say, this is what I want, and this is what I will do. It’s not a gender thing, ultimately—if I can listen to you, you should listen to me, too. “For my solo films, I decide everything. Sometimes, directors do come up with sub-plots revolving around husbands or boyfriends. I ask whether it is necessary,” said the actress.


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