I Would Do Anything To Grab Attention: Priya BhavaniShankar!

Priya gets candid!

She owns a charm that’s difficult to ignore; just take in that infectious smile that contours her face alluringly. But Priya Bhavani Shankar is far beyond just a gorgeous young lady, as Radhika Ramesh finds out in this exclusive tête-à-tête.

Priya has had a whirlwind of a journey that has led her to where she is today. Having always enjoyed attention as a child, she has never regretted seeking the limelight. Look at where she is now! All eyes follow her as she strides on with her striking personality. She has three consecutive hits to her credit, with a delicious line-up of films coming soon, making her one to watch out for in current Kollywood. Priya may be leading her way to the top, but how has this bumpy expedition into the world of fictitious reality been for her?



“I would do anything to grab attention.”

She confesses that she used to be an annoying brat as a child. In a family of four, her elder brother was her mother’s favourite, while her father has always had her back. Priya admits that she would do anything to grab the attention of her family. “I am certain that none except my parents would have even come close to liking me. I was extremely annoying and very mischievous. I once remember lighting the curtain on fire because I was not getting the attention I deserved,” she recalls chuckling.

Her mother cheekily tells Priya all the time that it was never hard bringing up her brother but she on the other hand, was a different streak altogether. Her brother calls her a “Psycho Thangachi (sister)” in jest, for her playful nature. Priya and her brother share a wonderful bond up until today. She says that even after his wedlock, he has not changed one bit. “We never talk about our career when we meet. We still fight for the television remote. Certain situations are best if they remain unchanged,” says Priya.

But just like any woman, there’s no one like father dearest. “I believe that one sole person who stood beside me through thick and thin even as a child would definitely be my father. There hasn’t been a day when he hasn’t supported me,” she adds. However, she says that her strength is definitely her close-knit family. Priya keeps herself grounded and happy with the massive help and support she receives from her loved ones.



“The transition happened without my realisation.”

She always knew that she wanted to pursue a future in the field of media. However, she was certain that it would be a role behind the camera, maybe as a programme producer or head. But, things took a huge spin when she was provided with the opportunity of becoming a news anchor. Ever since, she discovered that anchoring could be her forte. However, things panned out differently and she ended up being a part of one of the most successful series run by Vijay Television ‘Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai’. Priya says she vaguely remembers this massive transition.


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