I Wanted Another Arvind Swami But I Met Ajith: Aasai Director Vasanth Spills Some Beans!

Here’s what you never knew!

The film Aasai starring Suvalakshmi, Ajith, Prakash Raj among others was a blockbuster hit. The film directed by Vasanth was a crime thriller with intriguing twists and turns. It was also one of Ajith’s best film in terms of story. However, in a recent interview with TOI the director spilled some beans on what actually went behind it all as the film completes 25 years.

The first title of the film was actually Poovellam Kettuppaar. However, the film’s storyline caters to both the protagonist and the antagonist and hence the title Aasai. Prakash Raj’s enthusiasm to potray negative roles was how he landed this role. In fact, he was left out of the movie posters to make it look like a love story but when the audience visited the theatres, they were in for a surprise.

After the director opted for the antagonist role, he wanted a protagonist with a pleasing personality and warm face. “I wanted another Arvind Swami… handsome, classy and with acting chops. And I found Ajith,” stated the director. He initially went for Suriya, however, the Singam actor was not keen on doing many films at that time. Eventually, Vasanth opted for Ajith after he watched his Amaravathi film.

For Suvalakshmi’s role, the director wanted someone who had an innocent face and could make the audience believe the gullibility of the character.

As the film also comprised of Poornam Viswanathan, a doting father who ultimately gave up his life for his daughter. Vasanth concluded the interview saying that his love for Alfred Hitchcock made him create a masterpiece of a thriller.

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