I Want To Fall In Love And Get Married: When Trisha OPENED UP About Her Marriage Life, Her Fellow Leading Ladies And More!

Trisha is truly the queen of hearts!

Trisha has been very open about her personal relationships. She has always gone out of her way to clear any kind of rumour and has done it with a lot of courage. In a throwback interview with journalist Sreedhar Pillai, Trisha candidly opened up about various rumours and controversies which surround her. The topics included her marriage plans to her secret behind sustenance in the industry. Trisha gave extremely frank and honest answers to all the questions and it gives us belief that the film space can be a healthy ecosystem.

Addressing the questions about her marriage plans, the actor said that she is open to speaking about it but she doesn’t like the way people ask her. She quotes people who said, “When are you getting married?” She says that she would like to meet a person with whom she can fall in love with and spend the rest of her life with. She doesn’t believe in divorce and she knows she is someone who can likely go for one. She has seen many unhappy couples staying in relationships or marriages because of obligations and she doesn’t want to be obliged to stay in one, she wants to fall head over heels in love and stay the same till the end. The actor is okay if love and marriage don’t happen in her life as well.

Being on top of the charts translates to competition for the position. When speaking regarding the tiffs with colleague Asin, the actor explained that she never had tiffs with any of her contemporaries. She said that most of these were rumours created by the media. With regard to this, she recalled the generosity of Asin, “The first time I met Asin was when I won a Filmfare Award for Varsham. And I have to say this, she went out of her way. She was sitting a few metres away. She came up and said ‘you did such a good job, congratulations’. We’ve never had a tiff. It is probably media created competition because we did so well and had a similar body of work. We worked with the same actors as well, Vijay, Surya, Vikram.” She added on saying that to have a tiff with someone, you have to be in close contact with them. Asin and Trisha have always had a professional relationship and never been best friends to have a tiff.

Years have passed and new faces have entered the industry. When asked about how she felt about the new competition that came up the actress opened up by saying that a few years back, she didn’t take it very well. She didn’t feel threatened but it was probably the realization that other people can be No. 1. She realized that this is progress and growing in the industry, not about taking a step down but moving into another phase of work. She further added, “I don’t consider the newcomers as my competitors, this isn’t coming from a place of arrogance. They are probably going through what I did when I came into the industry. Today, I am secure with my place in the industry. I feel there is a bubble and only I exist in that bubble.”

Staying on top as an actress isn’t an easy task. The average lifetime of a heroine in the industry is considered to be 3-4 years. Having ruled the industry for so long is truly a task. Maintaining oneself and their youth is another task as the actress has remained the same from ‘Lesa Lesa’ to ‘Kodi’. The actor said that she is metabolically blessed and that she doesn’t put on a lot of weight. She has had to reinvent herself throughout, taking a break for sometime. It doesn’t necessarily mean coming back with a blockbuster script. “The industry requires some emotional healing periodically to start fresh, everyday needs to be a new day.” She does what an actor as a cliché has to do, take care of oneself, take care of what to eat, sleep for 6 to 8 hours before a shoot, bring in a workout every now and then. She said all of this is important as it is her USP. When asked about how she has reverse aged, the actress said that aging has worked in her favour. She added on by saying that she didn’t like the way she looked a few years back, that it was awkward.

The actor has a beautiful and bold personality that is loved by the masses. She has created many unforgettable characters and she still continues to do so. With each year passing by, Trisha has taken up a wide range of scripts and characters to provide something new to the audience. We wish more success to the actor in the personal as well as professional front.

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