I Met A Girl For Arranged Marriage And The Reason She Gave To Marry Me Will Never Be Forgotten!

She said, “I want freedom.”

India is still in that position where a person’s sexual orientation is still straight or heterosexual and only that exists when that is not true. Gender or sexual preference has got nothing to do with what being a human would do. Humanity is above all and no person has the Right to decide a person’s choice of gender or sexual preference it’s private and personal. This story of a man from Akkar Bakkar is exactly the problem with the society.

“We all are well acquainted with Indian arranged marriage scenario. The ‘matrimonial hunt’ that ensued when my parents started seeking a ‘suitable bride’, brought both enlightenment and laughter to my life. In 2015 my family met a girl’s family. After a series of meetings and interviews (which were as good as an interrogation), I finally met the girl. Her discomfort was obvious to my eyes. For breaking the cold and silent discomfort, I started a conversation about how powerful and successful girls are these days. I hoped for some light in her but unfortunately, this conversation made her sink even more.

After minutes of awkward silence, I said, “hmmm I realize you are not ready for this alliance” and apologized for anything that may have sounded wrong. I told her that she had nothing to worry about. I said I’ll make some lame excuse and break this arrangement and she will be left unscarred. I got up and started to walk away and then suddenly a soft sob was followed by “I want to marry you.” I stopped, turned around and asked why?

She: I want freedom!
Me: And how do you think getting in a bond would set you free?
She: Because I am getting married for the sake of my parents!
Me: Can I help you? Are you being forced or subjugated?
She: No.
Me: Then what do you want freedom from? Please understand I can only help you if I know the root of the problem.

She: I get everything that a husband can give from my childhood friend. She was also my classmate, my college mate and we have been together ever since.

The reality took seconds to sink in and I realized that she wants to get married for hiding behind the shield of being a wife. She was a lesbian and obviously, at some point in time, her family got a whiff of it and were hurrying her into a wedlock.

We live in a society where marriage and having kids are seen as the ultimate life solution. A society where being backward is called ‘cultural’ and being intolerant towards emotions of others is called ‘care’.

P.S: My meetings with various families and girls only made me realize that single life is the best life.”

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