I Don’t Believe In Love At First Sight: Nayanthara!

Nayanthara is love!

Being a celebrity is not as easy as it seems. Buried in all that fame and pomp, is a life that is always a spectacle to the public. It is almost an unsaid deal that their lives after popularity come with very little privacy, with arbitrary judgments being made and baseless stories being conjured. Our lady in focus is one such actress who has been through a lot in her eight-year stint in the industry. Since her entry into cinema, her life has always been an eventful one. On the one hand she has won the love of many a fan for her beauty and talent and on the other, she has braved the public decry for her questionable stand on relationships; controversy has been an integral part of her life.


On why she doesn’t believe in love at first sight

It is very hard for me to say what attracts me in a man when I see him first. I don’t believe in love at first sight. I don’t think you can just fall in love with a person the minute you see him. When you first meet a person, you only see and understand what he is on the outside but you still won’t know what kind of a person he really is. You may be attracted to him because he is handsome or charming but how can you fall in love with him? I am the kind of person who takes my time in getting to know a person and eventually fall in love with him.

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