I Did Not Watch Or See Any Of These Videos Or Pictures: Singer Suchitra Opens Up About #SuchiLeaks For The First Time!

Suchitra opens up!

Singer Suchitra was loved for her songs like “May maadham 98til”. However, she was thrown under the negative spotlight for the infamous #suchileaks, where videos and pictures of celebrities like Dhanush, Trisha, Anirudh, Chinmayi, Amala Paul to name a few were released publically on her social media platform. This created a huge controversy in Kollywood.

Amidst that, Suchitra was going through a divorce with her husband and actor/comedian Karthik Kumar. This is the first-ever interview for her after the controversy. Speaking to Thanthi TV, Suchitra said, “Around 4 and a half Lakh people follow me, that was my social media fan base. And I feel only terrible that so many celebrities and personalities were affected because of my social media handle. That put me into a little depression. Adding to that, my depression was also due to my divorce. Although, it has been around a year now. Both these controversies came together to affect me drastically. It was a difficult period for me.”



Talking about famous celebrities being involved, the singer said, “Unnecessarily Anirudh, Dhanush, and other celebrities pulled in and it was all very disturbing. I have never watched any of these videos ever. I do not know if the videos were morphed or not but I definitely do not wish to be a part of it. Thinking about all this disturbs me and I feel very sad about it. I have no idea who did this. But, I do have my suspicion on a particular person and I am guessing that it could be the individual. It will be a little clear for me once my doubts get clarified. There is no damage control for this. None of these can ever be mended but it is only fair to move on from this.”

It was last month when Suchitra’s sister and her husband had filed a missing/ suicide attempt complaint against her for which Suchi, who was very much alright stated that she is not missing and that this is her sister’s plot to get her signature on a particular document. Addressing that, Such said, “Just when I thought aI could get back on track, my sister put me through yet another roller coaster right which broke my heart but I have my career to concentrate on. I will be releasing few singles with singer Ranjith sometime this month.”

Suchitra further added that to divert herself from all the controversies pushing her down, she decided to educate herself. “I wanted to learn cooking, especially French cooking. I went to the United Kingdom and learned about professional French cooking. I will be starting my own YouTube channel titled Suchi Cooks (converting a negative #suchileaks into something positive). The channel will teach international cooking in Tamil.”

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