I Am Not Interested To Be Friendly With Him Anymore: Enga Veetu Maappillai Contestant Lashes Out At Arya!

Things just got more serious!

Arya was announced the brand ambassador of Newly launched Tamil channel and that he would be doing a reality show named ‘Enga Veetu Maappilla’ where he was supposed to have chosen one among the 16 brides who were chosen by Arya himself.

However, in the finale of the show, Arya says he has no interest to marry any of the finalists because hurrying into something as huge as marriage through a reality show wouldn’t be right. However, rumours were abuzz that Arya was to marry contestant Seethalakshmi.

Somebody who never made it to the finale but was considered one of the most entertaining contestants of the show was Abarnathi. Her chatty and carefree nature and her PDA for Arya was loved by all.

Abarnathi was earlier in denial that Arya was getting married at all. However, after the couple officially confirmed their wedding, Abarnathi was interviewed yet again by a regional daily Manorama and she said, “I had believed that the news about Arya’s wedding was just a rumor. It wasn’t for the first time that he has been a target of gossips. Now, he has confirmed it himself. However, I am waiting for that day.”

She further added that Arya is not the person he looks like, “Arya has seen many people like us. So it is difficult to understand his ways. Arya doesn’t talk to one girl with love and to another with scorn. In the reality show, he treated everyone equally. So, even the contestants had no idea whom he liked among us. A few actors, who are Arya’s friends, had told me the name of a woman who he was dating. However, that relationship too didn’t last long.”

Abarnathi said that Arya wasn’t very close like it looked like in the reality show. “We had mostly talked about the competition while we were together. How could we understand each other then? It wasn’t possible to find out whether he was in love or not. But Arya knows how to speak impressively to everyone. He makes everyone happy,” she said.

“I will definitely go for Arya’s wedding if I am invited. I believe that one should go if someone invites us for the wedding, even if we like it or not. Many think that I and Arya are good friends. People ask me about him whenever I go out. usually try to make them happy by saying that I would convey their regards to Arya. I never speak badly about him.”

“I am not interested to be friendly with him anymore. Neither will I do a movie with him. Neither will I do a movie with him. I would have worked with him before all these had happened. Now it would be painful for me because I was not like the other contestants in the show. People shouldn’t associate my name with Arya’s anymore. I wish Arya And Sayyeshaa all the best!”

When the Arya-Sayyeshaa wedding rumours were doing the rounds, Abarnathi was immediately asked by her fans what she felt about this she said that they were all baseless rumours and that she would never believe in them until one of them confirms it officially!

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