Hotels booked in Ranthambore for Vicky-Kat wedding?

A huge number for a wedding that hasn’t been announced officially!

The most buzzworthy news in the Bollywood town right now is the apparent wedding of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal. Just two days ago, the wedding date was revealed to be 9th December of this year. Reports also said that they were to first finish official formalities in Mumbai, with a court marriage and then move onto Rajasthan for their traditional one.

While none of this is confirmed, and rather dismissed by both actors, latest report on the wedding is that 45 hotels have been book In Ranthambore to accommodate the huge guest list. The couple are allegedly all set to tie the knot at Rajasthan’s Six Senses Resort in Sowai Madhopur.

While invitations have still not gone out from the actors’ ends, a lot of Bollywood stars are reportedly invited to the wedding, according to a source reported by a media house. Speculations are that Shah Rukh Khan, Shashank Khaitan, Salman Khan have made it to the list.

Not many days ago, Vicky’s cousin rubbished rumours of their wedding. However, reports are all infavour of their wedding arrangements and preparations. Fans will only come to know of the reality on the reported date, 9th December!

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