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Here’s How You Can Break Bad Spending Habits!

Tips to live without being broke!

Everyone has experienced one of those “broke” moments. Only when the wallet gets empty, you realize how poor your choices were. The regret lasts till you get your next pay check and then it becomes a vicious cycle of bad spending habits. Here is how you can control your urge to splurge:

  • Get rid of all Shopping Apps: The number of shopping apps on your phone determines how likely you are to shop unnecessarily. Sometimes you buy online because you were just browsing through the app and liked something. It could be completely unnecessary but you still end up buying it because you have the money. More often than not, shoppers give in to tempting offers and deals that apps come up with. A simple notification is all that it takes to make that emotional purchase. Uninstall shopping apps and you will end up saving more money than you imagined.
  • Take how much is required: If you are about to hit the mall on a shopping spree, figure out what you want to buy way before you leave. This way, you can estimate your purchase figures and keep an eye on spending in excess. Once you have your estimated amount, carry only that much in your purse. Fish out all your debit and credit cards. This way, you will be forced to finish your shopping with the amount in hand, thus leaving no room for excessive spending.

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