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Here’s How To Reduce Period Pain Through Diet!

Period diet plan! What to avoid and what to eat!

Periods are usually no fun — mood swings, low energy and cramps are just a few of the annoying symptoms. Our hormones can affect weight loss and impact our bodies in many different ways. This is especially the case when we have our period! One of the worst period symptoms is food cravings and these usually aren’t the healthy salad and veg type!

Nutritionist Shiny Surendran tells us what are some of the best period food is, as well as what foods to avoid during your periods.

Avoid process food especially ones that have excess food colouring, preservatives etc. Also avoid junk food. Most people especially working women push away time drinking just tea, coffee and with evening snacks like samosa, baji. This does not nourish your body enough and you end up getting excessive pain during periods.

Excess salt in food intake causes water retention. Water retention causes cramps during periods. So try avoiding food like fritters, dry fish, Vadagam etc that are rich in salt contain.

Eat: Potassium rich food like fresh fruits and vegetables, lemon, coconut water, greens like cucumber, pudhina leaf, nelika curry leaves will help prevent period pain. Drinking these herbed juice regularly increases potassium level in the body and helps reduce the severity of period pain.

Tomato is a super food. It is rich is anti-oxidants and also has the lycopene pigment and potassium. You can either slice up raw tomatoes and eat or make a juice out of it, squeeze a bit of lemon to it to add flavor and also more potassium.

Cut caffeine. There a lot of coffee addicts and people who are accustomed to drinking it regularly. But if you are someone who gets period pain it is best you give up caffeine. You can instead substitute with coconut water, vegetable juice, cucumber, aloe vera juice etc.

Fish: You can either eat fresh cooked fish or take fish oil capsules everyday. It has anti-inflammatory  characteristics’ and reduces pain.

Banana: Cheap and best! Make sure to eat at least one banana a day.

Implement these into your diet for at least 2-3 months to feel the benefit. Good sleep and excersise os also very important in increasing blood circulation in your body.

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