Here’s How Chinmayi Changed The Life Of A Man Who Faced Sexual Harassment!

It’s unfortunate that more men find it embarrassing to open up!

Sexual harassment is faced by everyone and there is no gender difference to it at all. However, the society to not accepting women talking about sexual harassment is a known fact. The unknown fact is that, the society frowns upon men who talk about it too. Most feel that there is no such thing as molestation, rape and sexual harassment against men (God bless these ignorant whiners who MUST have a say in everything). Yes, men are harassed, molested and raped too just like women are.

Singer Sripaada, who is a social activist and a strong voice for the #metoo movement constantly advocates for the #metoo movement and effectively uses social media to do her bit and helps people around her be strong and speak up for themselves like she did despite knowing the consequences she would have to face. Many women so far have opened up on social media with her help as well. But, we know she has achieved something larger when she made a man open up about his struggles too. But, that was not it, his understanding of the #metoo movement only goes to prove that it’s all about good humans centering the bad ones and putting them in their places for committing a heinous crime. Here’s what happened:




Chinmayi shared this beautiful moment on social media too:


In a series of tweets, Chinmayi announced how she knew her career would get jeopardised soon after she rallied for the #MeToo movement where she spoke about facing sexual misconduct from noted lyricist Vairamuthu and shared other peoples’ stories on the same.

In what is being regarded as a shocking overturn of events, singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi Sripada had been removed from the dubbing union, run by Radha Ravi as well.

However, Chinmayi never stopped fighting. She is slowly getting to be an inspiration to many women who find it very hard to open up about misogyny, sexism or any violence against them.

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