He Molested And Sent Inappropriate Pictures: Chinmayi Slams Singer Karthik For Joining The Dubbing Union; CALLS OUT Mano For Supporting Radha Ravi!

Chinmayi lashes out at singer Karthik and reveals more with regards to the #metoo controversy!

Chinmayi has been strongly voicing out her opinion in support of the #MeToo movement, she has been fighting for a lot of women who have been facing workplace sexual harassment. In yet another chapter in the saga, Chinmayi Sripaadha’s nomination to run against Radha Ravi, the incumbent president, for the presidency of the Dubbing Union was declined in court. Consequentially, Radha Ravi was judged to have no opposition for the post and therefore has been re-elected to his role by default.

Retired Judge Ravi was put in charge of reviewing the union’s nominations, and passed his judgment that the nomination of Chinmayi and her faction named Ramarajyam was not legitimate under the laws and by-laws of the Union, and also ruled Radha Ravi the sole nomination provided for the election.

Chinmayi has ever since been actively fighting against the same. However, looks like it singer Karthik and singer Mano have joined the dubbing Union and Mano was seen actively supporting Radha Ravi, a man who deteriorated a successful woman at a public event.

“When Mano sir called me to get all the girls who named singer Karthik as his molester to his house to get them to arrive at a compromise – I thought he was trying to do the usual – His wife is crying. why do you ruin his career? You have struggled to come up. He has struggled to come up. Sure. We both did. Honestly, I have also mentioned that I do respect singer Karthik for having worked and hustled his way up with no background in learning music whatsoever. He learned on the job. Just that I didn’t use my power or position to molest once I got there. I just thought that he was trying to save his protege despite the fact he molested, sent dick pics to and harassed multiple women,” wrote Chinmayi on social media.


After which Chinmayi shared a video of Manoj promoting Radha Ravi for the dubbing union elections:

Earlier when Chinmayi first called out allegations against singer Karthik, he had come out defending himself against the very same. He stated, “There have been anonymous allegations and rumours being made against me on Twitter. True to my conscience, I have never ever hurt any human being or harassed anybody ignoring their consent. I want to put it out there that I have never intentionally acted in a way that would make anybody feel uncomfortable or unsafe. If anybody felt hurt because of any of my actions in the past, please reach me directly. I do believe in facing the consequences of one’s actions. I fully support #MeToo and if there’s truth in anybody’s grievance, I shall be more than willing to apologize or face legal action because I don’t want to ever leave a sour taste in anyone’s life.”

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