He Broke My Heart: Aishwarya Rajesh Talks About Her Relationships!

We have all been through heartbreaks, haven’t we?

It has been a brilliant 2018 and a good start to 2019 for the very talented Aishwarya Rajesh. With blockbusters like ‘Vada Chennai’ and ‘Kanaa’, Aishwarya is one of the most versatile and successful actresses of her times. With so much credibility, Aishwarya has been pretty much choosing some of the best roles she could teeth into.

During a recent press conference, Aishwarya talked about her past relationships and we are sure its all for the best. It was during her teenage years when she fell in love with a boy. However, it broke her heart when he cheated on her. That ended the relationship.

She further added that that didn’t stop her to fall in love again and she did – however, that did not work too.

Today Aishwarya Rajesh is unbeatable and ultimately that’s what that matters.

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