Hansika Reacts Days After Her Bikini Pics Got Leaked!

Actress Hansika Motwani has finally broken her silence on the leaked pictures that went viral on social media recently. Speaking to The Times of India, Hansika mentioned that it was disheartening to see her private pictures getting public on social media and some of them were even morphed. Hansika was disappointed knowing the kind of comments the photos received with some people even saying there’s no harm in the leak as its been public already referring to her bikini photo shoots in the past.

“It was extremely disheartening. To deal with the embarrassment of your private pictures being leaked some of them even morphed into the public domain is bad enough, and then to see such comments was really hurtful. Certain people had the gall to say that since I anyway did bikini shoots in the past, what’s the big deal if such pictures are leaked?” she said.

Hansika shared that ever since she was in the US for a trip a few weeks ago, she realised that something was odd in her phone. Soon enough, her private information including pictures were released on public domain. She expressed her disappointment at how many morphed those photos and shared hurtful comments. She soon enough alerted her technical team to take charge and fix the situation.

The actor went on to say that she has always maintained a low profile and would never crave attention this way. “If someone sitting in the corner of their room wants to say that I’m doing this for attention, I don’t think that such people even deserve a response. I just feel sorry for them,” she clarified.

Hansika was last seen in NTR Kathanayakudu playing actress Jaya Prada. In 2018, she starred in two films – Gulaebaghavali and Thupakki Munai. In the pipeline, she has 100 with Atharvaa Murali and Maha, a woman centric film directed by a debutant.

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