Gayathri Raghuram Slams Vishal for Sexual Harassment!


Actor and Choreographer Gayathri Raghuram gained popularity through reality show Bigg Boss though she has done several films in the industry. Gayathri Raghuram has been one of the most active persons on Twitter. She has always voiced out her opinions – right or wrong and never feared the consequences. Recently, she accused actor Vishal and complained that many women have been victimized sexually by him.

Vishal expressed his anger on Twitter on the school harassment issue and it went viral.

Following this, she took to her Twitter mentioning his official twitter account and wrote “Being in cinema industry first condemn the sexual predators and harassments. Look at what’s happening with new entry girls. Look at the harassment on female lead actors. You and your friends come from same clout to use and throw. many women affected by you people.”

“You should have shown the heroism when your film Industry girls needed your help but instead it was the other way around. Do you know the Hindu bashing exist because of DKs and evangelist? Get your reality checked. Literally female leads run away from you. You should know that. Because of your continuous approach.” she added.

At present she is an active member in BJP.



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