Five Tamil Film Women Characters That Broke The Stereotypes And Led The Show!

The K-town have evidently evolved in terms of stories, cinematography, background score, editing and other technical advancements. In spite of numerous creative and technical advances, what still hasn’t advanced is the depiction of women protagonists in films. However once in a while we, in countable instances we do come across omen characters that are etched beautifully. Characters where her presence is not merely to add eye candy to the film and its promotions.

Here are five women protagonists who didn’t rely on glamour to attain commercial success instead they’ve led the show through their performances.

  • Bommi (Soorarai Pottru):

Bommi aka Sundari played by Aparna Balamurali, one of the best women characters created recently in Tamil cinema. Intelligent and feisty she is an independent woman who supports her partner’s dreams but didn’t give up on hers either. But what makes Bommi fascinating is that she always gives back to every patriarchal thought thrown her way. When Maara (Surya) says that she was rejected by 20 men, she gives back saying 24 banks have rejected him. It feels heartening to see such a character get as much love.


  • Iraivi:

Kamalini Mukherjee, Anjali, Pooja Devariya and Vadivukarasi are not those female fictional characters who make a dreamy or glamorous intro, they are shown in their raw element. Pooja Devariya as Malar expressed that she had physical needs but she is not ready for a committed relationship like marriage at any cost. Anjali as Ponni, though she was silent and committed to her husband she stayed stubborn when Michael questioned her character. Instead of regular empowering dialogues, women in Iraivi were powerful in their own way.


  • Aruvi:

Brought up as daddy’s girl, Aruvi (played by Aditi Balan) gets kicked out of her house when she tested positive for HIV-AIDS. From there starts her rebellious life, she gets molested, judged by the society. Her way of getting back against those faulty men through a reality show turns the other way round. Aruvi is a free-spirited independent girl who questions this materialistic society. Aruvi is a whole new level of feminism.


  • Archana (Mozhi):

Archana played by Jyothika, a deaf and mute doesn’t like others to sympathise on her. When Karthik (Prithvi Raj) tries to imagine a voice for her, she avoids him as she didn’t want a person who expects something that she didn’t possess. Though she had her own fears and insecurities, she was bold and strong. Archana’s role is still remembered and is cited as an example for a bold strong woman.


  • Kalki:

What’s amazing is that a film like Kalki, which spoke male chauvinism and patriarchy was released in 1996. Kalki was an independent, fierce woman with a carefree attitude. She made her own choices, be it with her body, career and life. She gave a tight slap to Prakash (Prakash Raj), a male chauvinist and sexist who abuses and ill-treats women of his life.

BY Megavarshini SG

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