Fans Accuse AR Rahman For Forcing His Daughter To Wear A Niqaab; Khatija Gives A Fitting Reply!

This is ridiculous!

It was the 10th year celebration of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a movie that won eight Oscars among which two belonged to a man Tamil Nadu dearly loves – the one and only AR Rahman who made ‘Ella Pughazhum Iraivanukkey’ a style-statement.

A celebratory event took place at the Dharavi region and actor Anil Kapoor and Gulzar attended the event. Gulzar shared one of the Oscars with ARR for ‘Jai Ho’. During the event, Rahman’s daughter Khatija said a few words about her father that made him all teary and emotional.

Khatija took it to social media to thank all of the media and the fans for talking so beautifully on stage, however, a few of them negatively commented on her attire – a beautiful Khatija clad in a Sari and a Niqaab. Fans went on to taunt Rahman on “forcing his daughter to wear a Niqaab” and that he had “double standards”.

Khatija had a fitting reply to all the haters. She stated, “The recent conversation of myself on stage with my dad has been doing the rounds although I didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. However, there were certain comments which said that this attire is being forced by my dad and that he has double standards. I would like to say that the attire I wear or the choices I make in my life does not have anything to do with my parents. The veil has been my personal choice with complete acceptance and honour.”

She further added, “I’m a sane mature adult who knows to make my choices in life. Any human being has a choice to wear or do what he/she wants and that’s what I’ve been doing. Hence, kindly don’t make your own judgements without understanding the exact situation #freedomofchoice.”

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