Fahadh Reveals The Way He Captured Nazriya’s Heart!

So Adorable!

One celebrity couple that has had fans go ‘awww’ with admiration for 7 years now is surely Nazriya Nazim and Fahadh Faasil. Nazriya uses her social media account, especially Instagram, to share the most adorable pictures of them together. On the other hand, Fahadh has never been that active on Social Media, especially with personal posts. However, recently Fahadh has come out with letter writing about how Fahadh and Nazriya actually got married. 

The letter talks about a lot of things including his accident in the sets of Malayankunju and the OTT release of his upcoming film Maalik. He has written in detail about the accident and his recovery. He has also written about the OTT release of Maalik which was expected to have a theatre release, but is not having one now because of the current situation. Talking about Nazriya and their marriage comes as a part of the letter, but that part was the one that gained a lot of attention. 

Talking about the way he proposed marriage to her, he says, “I loved being around Nazriya. But my thoughts were random. I don’t know if it sounds well now, but at that point, there was a lot Nazriya had to give up choosing me. It absolutely worried me and I kept fluctuating. It’s just when I thought it was all going to be over because I am not strong enough she said, ‘Hello, method actor, who do you think you are? It’s just one simple life. pack your bags with everyone and everything you need.” 


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In between the letter, he also talks about his career focusing on his college life in particular. He opened up in detail about the way he changed his major in college and came back to India without a degree, to try his hand at acting, again. He then goes back to talking about Nazriya saying, “Pretty much all my small achievements are after I started sharing my life with Nazriya. I know for sure I didn’t do any of this alone. I wonder what my life would have been if Nazriya didn’t feel strong about us.” 

Nazriya and Fahadh fans have not known their love story till date as it is believed that their respective family played a major role in getting them hitched. This letter and revelation by Fahadh has made fans happier and more admirative towards them. Read the full letter below:

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