EXCLUSIVE: “There is still hesitation to cast married women in films” Simran on Acting post Marriage!

Gone are the days when an actress’ marital status caused her stigma. Gone are the days when age was a determinable factor for an actress whereby she either played a fun loving, naive female lead when young or mother characters in a span of years later. Has cinema changed? Or has time stood still for Simran?

“There is still hesitation to cast married women in films.”

In an industry obsessed with age and marital status, the actress stands tall as a symbol of perseverance. She says, “We still have very low number of filmmakers who focus on female-centric films. They still choose male-centric films over us. I feel like in this vertical, we are still struggling and have a long way to go. I am happy there is some change and some of my peers have perfected the same. My very good friend Jyothika has done it and with a lot of right decisions and good movies under her which must have been hard; I am proud of her. We still need more opportunities, some gateway wherein we get one more chance to perform, one more chance to show what we have got. I know there is still some hesitance when it comes to casting a married woman, especially with a leading hero. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the text that I was the one chosen for this role. I feel like my entire career has come to this part where it becomes wholesome. Getting to do a movie with someone like Rajinikanth, I am truly lucky. This is a great start but I strongly believe we need more filmmakers willing to invest in the women of cinema.” said Simran in her throwback 2015 cover story interview.

Simran has recently stared her very own YouTube channel. It is a known fact that she loves dancing and Simran will interact with her fans through her videos. Her videos will talk about her love for dancing, acting and also, juggling multiple roles. Simran will talk about her life, family, career, dance to name a few and lastly, to bridge the gap between her fans and herself.

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