Exclusive: Shraddha Srinath Talks About Nerkonda Paarvai, Roles And Women’s Day!

Shraddha talks about women’s day!

Shraddha Srinath has never failed to perform par excellence in the films she acts. Be it ‘U-turn’ or ‘Vikram Vedha’, she shines bright like a star. Her choice of scripts are impeccable and the latest addition to her collection of great films is ‘Ner Konda Paravai’, a remake of Taapsee, Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Pink’ which stars Ajith Kumar in the lead as well. As excited as we are to watch this flick, we are absolutely proud of Shraddha standing up for her fellow women.

In conversation with the ‘U-Turn actress:

How did you interpret with the script ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’?

A progressive woman is not someone who just is independent, wheres clothes and all that – she is all that and much more. It’s the way of thinking, it’s radical and forward – that’s what’s a progressive woman to me. ‘Pink’, term very much talks about this. The movie is not about their habit, lifestyle and all that.

‘Pink’ has garnered a lot of appreciation and everybody loved the film. How different will ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ be from this Bollywood film?

Honestly, not many down South have watched the film. Team ‘Nerkonda Paarvai’ will be able to reach the msses especially Tamil Nadu. They are not Hindi-movie goers. So, we hope to reach them colloquially.  With Ajith’s brilliant acting and charisma we are sure to reach the masses. The movie is a faithful imitation of ‘Pink’ but little alterations are bound to happen here and there so that it could fit into the scenario of the Tamil audience.

How have you been preparing for the role?

It’s deeply personal actually. Considering the fact that women are going through a major struggle and battle amidst predators disturbs me deep down. Sexual abuse, mostly of women and children is something that bothers me.  All of us as women have faced sexual abuse or harrassment in some way or the other. I have a niece and just the mere thought of such predators surrounding her petrifies me. All this fear and experience is where I draw my inspiration from to prepare for this role. The character is different from me personally but obviously I will be putting in a lot of effort.

During the #metoo movement, I remember putting up a tweet in support of the same and I remember men and women spewing hatred on me. I just cried all night that day. As a woman I have voiced my opinion and if I receive so much backlash for that imagine the huge battle we are all going to be fighting. I will put in all these thoughts, experiences and connect to this character accordingly.

How do you end up choosing such strong versatile roles?

I’m always on the lookout for strong characters. I am someone who is touted to do serious films or powerful films. Once you sort of begin filtering your roles from the very beginning where you receive 10 scripts and you choose three or four that you are sure you could nail, you ultimately place yourself in a situation where you begin receiving only these kind of roles. So I choose to make the best of what I’m getting.

A Women’s Day message?

There has been a gender imbalance in our society for the longest time globally. A lot of people, especially men are in constant denial that that is not true. I request them all to take a hard, close look at the reality and realise that this inequality has been going on forever. They need to understand that to restore and create a balance is going to take some serious effort.

Secondly, why is a woman supporting a woman considered hypocrisy and pseudo-feminist? Women supporting women isn’t pseudo-feminism and neither is the definition of feminism “hating men”. There is no necessity to feel insecure when women support women – that needs to change.

Lastly, this world has lot of hatred going around. Forget women’s day and start respecting one another without considering the gender. Let’s not make gender an issue and lets be kind to one another – let’s be humans.

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