EXCLUSIVE: Nivetha Pethuraj Talks About Sangathamizhan And Her Chemistry With Vijay Sethupathi!

How did this sizzling chemistry even workout?

As we sit down to talk in a room with piping hot tea, I realised that the energy was a notch higher. There is just something strikingly positive about Nivetha Pethuraj, her recount of life stories, her journey into cinema and her attitude that send out ripples of vivacity. Her blossoming talent just enhances her upbeat nature. 

Nivetha Pethuraj may be eleven films old, but her talent was recognised much earlier. She proved her mettle from her first film and has experimented with versatility ever since. With an impressive line-up of films coming her way, she has a fanbase purely for her talent and her choice of roles. She is exploring new options, new industries and new characters. Nivetha’s approach to success is simple – never expect it. She is light-hearted about her choices and is not very apprehensive about the outcome. Read on as she talks about her choice to follow the path of positivity.

Sangathamizhan is a commercial film with a good message

Kollywood film Sangathamizhan starring Vijay SethupathiNivetha Pethuraj and Raashi Khanna in the lead is a commercial film that comes with a lot of current issues including the water crisis and industrial pollution to name a few. “The best part about the film is that I have gotten a chance to speak up about social, environmental issues and it’s all thanks to Vijay Sethupathi,” says Nivetha

But, even before the teaser’s release, Nivetha and Sethupathi’schemistry was lauded on social media. “I remember doing the poster shots and I have always been conscious about posing. However, with Vijay Sethupathi it was effortless and here’s why: he simply cracked a joke that made me laugh for quite a long time. He is so genuine that he made sure I was comfortable and confident around him,” says Nivetha.





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