EXCLUSIVE: “I was modelling while I was studying in Mumbai” Jyothika narrates her Journey Into Cinema!

She captured the hearts of millions from the time she forayed into the cinema industry. Today after almost two decades Jyothika is still winning it with her strong women-centric roles, her journey however was not always this easy. In a cover story interview in the year 2015, the actress opened up about her childhood and how she entered the cine industry. 

“I was modelling while I was studying in Mumbai, which is when director Priyadarshan approached me to act in his Hindi film.”

“I was born and brought up in Mumbai. My father is a Punjabi and my mom is a Maharashtrian Muslim. I have two sisters – Nagma and Radhika (screen name – Roshini) and a brother. My mother has always been a huge inspiration for me. She had always taught me to work hard and make something of myself and resented it when my siblings and I sat idle and whiled away time – she encouraged us to take up part-time jobs to earn some pocket change and that is how I started modelling while I was still studying. It was during that time that director Priyadarshan approached me to act in his Hindi film, Doli Saja Ke Rakhna; sadly the movie did not do well at the box office. But since we were shooting for that film in Chennai I was approached by SJ Suryaah to do a cameo in his Tamil thriller Vaali.” Since then there was no looking back for tis charming actress. “The same year, I got the opportunity to work in Poovellam Kettuppar with Suriya. In fact, my initial films were with him – he was very reserved, but we got along well right from the beginning.”

“Since I did not know Tamil at all, I had to work really hard to get the emotions right while acting; it was a difficult time for me.”

Talking about her initial experiences in Kollywood, the actor says, “Since I did not know Tamil at all when I came to Chennai, I had to work really hard to get the emotions right while acting. Maybe that was why I used to be extra expressive and I was also very young then; it was a difficult time for me. However my co-stars, the directors and the entire team of all the films I had worked in were very supportive and helpful.” And now? She laughs and says, “After being in Chennai for this long, I have learnt to speak the language well. Actually more than during my acting stint, I became fluent after my marriage since Suriya’s mom was comfortable only in Tamil. In fact for 36 Vayadhinile, we even considered dubbing in my voice; we actually did try it out too but since the script demanded a particular accent for the middle-class housewife role that I am playing, we decided not to go ahead with my voice.”

Though Jothika is back in the big screen with her awe inspiring women-centric films from Jackpot, Raatchasi, 36 etc after being a part of the filmdom for a decade, this bubbly actor decided to take a break and focus on her family life for almost 7 years. Click here to read more about why she took a break from acting. 

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