EXCLUSIVE: From Her Next Big Kollywood Release To Her Entry Into Bollywood, Nithya Menen Bares It All!

Nithya Menen bares it all out!

Nithya Menen has become a quintessential actor known not only for her versatile choice in roles but also for her uninhibited attitude when it comes to everything, from the industry to the world and life in general. Subsequent to making her Bollywood debut and having single-handedly shouldered an entire film, here in her conversation with Preethi Shanker, she reveals a deeper and more soulful side to her personality that further sets her apart from the crowd.

Whether it was OK Kanmani’s Tara or Tara from Praana, Nithya Menen has managed to seamlessly integrate herself into her roles and enthrall us with her performance. Be it an intense stance or a coy look with a mischievous grin, throughout the shoot, she effortlessly romances the camera and churns out some amazing shots. Once the camera is down and the makeup is off, her candid and childlike persona emerges and leaves us wanting some of her happy and positive energy to rub off on us.

While shooting for JFW’s cover shoot, Nithya shows us her goofy side of herself. From talking like a child (Literally, so much so that she could easily dub for a child artist) to talking about that one person she would like to have a coffee conversation with, Nithya spills the beans on some exciting unknown stuff about her. Check out the video below for more:



Nithya Menon also talked about her upcoming Kollywood film and her entry into Bollywood:

“I’ve never done anything like this in my life and for sure, it is going to shock the audience.”

With only an attention-grabbing trailer to go by, Nithya was definitely tight-lipped about her character in the film Psycho but was all praises for the director Mysskin to whom P.C. Sreeram had personally recommended her for the role. “Mysskin is honestly one of the most masterful directors I know and I would say one of the best directors I’ve worked with. He’s got such skill and natural talent in the craft and it is just such a pleasure working with directors like that. Because again, for him, it is pure content and all about the film, and when I am around such people, doing films like that, I feel like I am doing something good. I can’t say much about the actual character, but I can say it is physically very different and got me excited. I’ve never done anything like this in my life and for sure, it is going to shock the audience too, staying true to the essence of Mysskin’s films.”



“The entire group was always so simple, very supportive and appreciative.”

Having had her Bollywood debut with a whopping star cast, Nithya recalls the work culture she experienced while shooting for Mission Mangal. “The culture was definitely more professional and nothing was haphazard. We had a huge star cast but the entire group was always so simple, very supportive and appreciative. If I looked good, they would appreciate it. If someone’s movie released and it was doing well, everybody in the team would applaud, celebrating each other’s high points. I found that the environment was quite warm and I never felt like a newcomer. They were well aware of the work I had done and they would always give me that due. Akshay (Kumar) sir would always include me in conversations during interviews, because to an interviewer, I was new and if they didn’t know what to ask me, he would always point out and say, “She has done this…” It was, to say the least, a comfortable environment.”


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