Exclusive: Anchor DD On Future Of Television and Entertainment Industry!

Tuning in to Television

This lockdown has not been easy on several businesses including the television industry. In conversation with Radhika Ramesh, renowned anchor Dhivyadharshini talks about her passion for anchoring, her journey through the television industry and how the industry is faring in the current situation. 

Indian television anchor Dhivyadharshini fondly known as DD by her Tamil fans is loved by all especially for her lively expressiveness and charisma. Unlike many businesses, the television industry may have taken as hard a hit, being one of the only sources of entertainment in a time like this. However, with regards to shooting new episodes and live daily shows, it has been quite a challenge what with having to maintain highest sanitization standards, social distancing and wearing masks. DD spills some beans on what’s happening in the tele-field. 

The audience favourite

Dhivyadharshini made her initial debut as an actress with the film Nala Dhamayandhi the Kamal Haasan production. Eventually she was seen in a couple of Tamil serials as well. Her stellar performances kickstarted her career as a host in Vijay Television. In the year 2014, DD had her own talk show titled Koffee with DD. This gifted anchor has been unstoppable ever since. “I am always grateful to people for all the love I have received. Whether I do shows or not, I still receive a lot of love and that is what truly keeps me going,” says the anchor. DD has been anchoring for the past 22 years and this has been her one true love. But ever since there has been a lockdown, things have changed.

On a safer set

The lockdown has not been easy on the economy and every industry is struggling to pick up. “The entire world is going through this not just the different industries. So right now, it is not an individual’s problem anymore. Together when an entire population is hoping and praying desperately, good is bound to happen and I always believe in that sort of powerful energy. I know things are not great right now but I believe in the fact that you are not strong until being strong is the only option left. Despite the consequences, we have to lift our heads up and work harder than ever to float,” states a strong and confident DD. 

DD says that several shows are taking stringent precautions in order to prioritize safety. “But more than a particular crew taking precautions, every individual must be cautious for their health and that of others, that’s crucial,” says DD. 

The lockdown has now been relaxed and shooting has had to go on with restricted crew members. However, certain shows were shot even before that with much less crew members. The passionate anchor says, “Not a day goes by when I desperately want to just begin shooting. We even shot an episode or two of Enkitta Modhadhe but then it just couldn’t resume. Now all we have to do is be patient and wait.” 


Coping with the lockdown

Although DD has been receiving all her fan love with or without shooting, she says that she dearly misses her shooting days. “Work is my addiction so being deprived of that, drained me mentally and emotionally. I do miss my shoot days terribly and can’t wait to get back on sets. However, considering what other people are undergoing as lesser privileged… I know this is nothing,” DD states. 

But how did the actress-turned-anchor get accustomed to sitting at home as a mandatory measure? “It was mentally very chaotic. The uncertainty was very taxing I must say, but when the instructions were briefed from time to time, I found it best follow it word for word and just simply adhere to it.”

The future of Television

Change is the only constant in this world and like any other, a lot will change in this field as well. Dhivyadharshini believes that change is the best way to evolve and become better, assuring that from just mere scripts and songs to reality shows, the tele-arena has seen a massive growth. “TV will adapt itself to the new norms and from that, new ideologies are bound to take shape which is always good. The show will go on, it won’t stop for anything. Like Ulaganayagan Kamal sir always says, the entertainment industry will slowly contain itself into smaller screens which it already is drastically. Everyone will adapt to these new changes and television will see another successful run after this pandemic, beginning a new era,” concludes DD.


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